About Us

The Band

Pickled Beats is a group of talented and experienced musicians that has been performing Rock, Country and Dance music throughout the North Bay for many years. Their repertoire includes an eclectic mix of original songs and cover tunes from the 60's to the present. Pickled Beats performs for corporate, social and private events including weddings, farmer's markets, fund raisers, shoping center events, night clubs and private parties.

Meet The Band

  • Kristine Redko - Vocals

    Kristine hails originally from a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio - but has been blessed to live all over this amazing country: Maryland, D.C., NYC, Irvine and now Sonoma County for 14+ years. Singing since a child, Kristine started in musical theater - with her first major performance singing "Day by Day" in Godspell. At Georgetown University, she had major roles in Fiddler on the Roof, Godspell (again!), West Side Story, Sweeney Todd and A Little Night Music, among her favorites. She also attended an acting exchange program in Berlin, Germany in 1991 - as a student of the Eugene O'Neill Theater Center. When not working as a Customer Success Director and raising her young twins, Kristine still enjoys performing locally - both acting in plays (Love Letters, Talking With) and singing at St. Elizabeth's Catholic Church with several other members of The Pickled Beats. In 2016, she released a nine-song CD of her favorite covers, entitled Post No Bills. Thank you to close friends and family for supporting her music habit and giving her time to pursue her singing dreams!

  • Roeanne Boyer - Vocals

    Roeanne is a Bay Area native who enjoys singing soprano to the top of the stratosphere. She grew up musically in the 60's and 70's singing harmonies to everything from folk to classic rock&roll. After moving to Pittsburg, CA in the late '70's she joined the Pittsburg Community Theater and began to participate in musicals such as Hello Dolly, Grease, and Music Man .She found her musical family in Sonoma County almost 10 years ago with the members of the "Pickled Beats" band. In between playing shows, Roeanne enjoys participating in contemporary Christian music with the Living Spirit music ministry and singing gospel music with the Joyful Noise Gospel Singers, a community choir and performance ensemble that specializes in African traditional music, and Wings of Glory, a more traditional gospel group. When she is not involved in her music she spends time puttering in her garden or taking trips with her husband on their motorcycles.

  • Bill Black - Drums/Percussion

    Bill started his musical career at the tender age of 18 playing drums in a bar in Springfield, Massachusetts. Since then he has played in numerous rock bands, church bands, concert bands and swing bands, primarily in Southern and Northern California. This includes over twenty years with the Rohnert Park Community Band. Bill currently enjoys playing with Living Spirit, a church band and choir that performs at Catholic Churches in the Sonoma County area, and with the rock band Pickled Beats. Bill is a long time rocker but he also enjoys playing blues, jazz and, occasionally, a bit of country and western. His favorite band of all time is Pink Floyd.

  • Jacques Boyer - Guitar/Bass

    Jacques was born in Montreal, raised in western New York and is a founding member and manager of "Pickled Beats". Jacques has been playing acoustic, steel and bass guitar since the early 60's. His baritone voice compliments folk, jazz and hard rock musical styles. Jacques has also written and recorded several songs over the years. He returned to his musical roots in the mid 70's joining a Christian folk choir. To this day, he is a member of several groups that promote Christian, African spiritual and gospel ministry. His favorite musical styles include rock, jazz, pop and gospel. Music has always been the focal point of his life; winning a singing contest as a young boy, playing various instruments in school while picking up his first guitar at the age of 15. He joined the military in '68 with a guitar in hand, playing and singing with the troops at every occasion. Jacques stays fit by walking and playing ping pong when he's not travelling or riding his motorcycle with his wife Roeanne.

  • Paul Lashley - Guitar/Bass

    Music is his food in life! Paul is a bay area native tho Sonoma County is home sweet home! From the cradle his Mom instilled her Passion for music harmonies & melodies with Baby Boomer to Millennial Genre’s! Strumming Fender Mustang & Telecaster Guitars by age 16, Paul was pickin’ n singin’ Creedence & popular tunes with band mates @ Petaluma High School & eventually strapping on his present day Stratocaster! Self-taught by ear, he can rock w an edge 1 min, spin some Alison Krause the next with equal enthusiasm. An Electrician/Carpenter by day, when not rehearsing Paul can be found mountain hiking w his soulmate, panting in the gym or rowing his 14’ white water raft down some remote river canyon for days to camp under the stars! After a few decades of off & on again music collaborations, Paul's music affliction continues as he finally found an Americana Home with The Pickled Beats!

  • Brook Norris - Bass/guitar/keyboard

    Through most of his colorful years of flamboyant existence, Brook Norris has enjoyed music to the fullest. Writing, arranging, recording and performing throughout much of his adult life, he has attempted, often with limited success, to tame the musical beast within him. Currently the bassist for the band "Pickled Beats", he and the other band members weave together diverse genres to push the envelope of eclectic music. His musical history includes performing as a singer and guitarist for "Night Lite", a surf band in SoCal, singer and keyboardist for "The Pharm Animals", an alternative rock band made up of scientists, a singer and bassist for "Jam Pact", a cover tunes band. Brook has also been in church choirs and groups over the years performing as a singer, bassist, guitarist and piano accompanist. "Living Spirit", a contemporary Christian band, has produced an album by the same name and performs a various churches in Sonoma County. Brook has also participated in the production of several professionally produced albums, many featuring songs he's written and co-produced with other talented musicians. Brook enjoys spending time with his family and friends, tricking-out his fox-body t-bird and dealing with 'the day job'.

  • John Metras - Guitar/mandolin/keyboard/flute

    John Metras is a multi-instrumentalist who began his musical journey at the age of 7 playing the accordion. 5 years later he took up the guitar, and enjoyed it so much he became a guitar major at the University of San Francisco. He played in numerous venues around the Bay area, primarily on guitar, but occasionally on recorders and keyboard. His day job for 31 years was teaching music in the Sonoma County public school system, focusing on band instruments, guitar classes and classroom music. At the ripe old age of 45, he took up the folk harp, and later the cross-strung harp – an instrument which he has been able to play and teach at numerous harp festivals and events around the country. In 2004 he won first place in the prestigious Lyon & Healy International Jazz and Pop Harpfest, playing his set on the cross-strung harp. His musical interests lean primarily towards pop, jazz, show tunes, and classical music. When not playing music he enjoys arranging music for a mandolin orchestra and John gets his exercise by playing ping pong, soccer and baseball.